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    Blooming foliage, botanical wonders and vibrant greenery transform your home into an urban jungle where both exotic and native plants grow. Botanikposter make your walls green and plant pictures create a natural atmosphere in your home. In this way you create a place of relaxation where you can find peace from everyday life, like in a secret garden. We wish you that your botanical collection prospers.

    garden in the living room

    Beautiful magnolias, orchids and palm trees - nature never ceases to amaze us. The magnitude of Mother Earth's floral marvels is simply unmatched. So why not bring some green into your home to create a balanced, thriving interior that promises zest for life?
    Of course, not everyone is born with a green thumb and pays the necessary attention to their paradise plants. But even that is no easy task. Enliven your home with nature images and botanical posters that adorn your walls and transform your kingdom into your very own urban jungle.

    Not everyone is born with a green thumb and pays the necessary attention to their paradise plants. But even that is no easy task. Enliven your home with nature images and botanical posters that adorn your walls and transform your kingdom into your very own urban jungle.

    The power of flowers

    As one of the most attractive and fragrant species in the botanical world, flowers have always enchanted us. During the Dutch "tulip mania" in the 17th century, tulip bulbs were even worth more than gold. Whether violets, tulips or daisies, flowers still have a unique value today. Whether it's your own joy about a delicate rose or the surprise bouquet for mum, the flower conquers and wins hearts. This also applies to your own four walls. Give them a healthy dose of flower power and give your home a fresh look with floral prints.

    Botany Posters - modern and classic posters and wall art at artlia

    They love plants, but aren't always lucky when it comes to caring for them! You don't need a green thumb for our posters and you can bring nature into your home in a variety of ways. Check out our wide range of prints and posters, covering everything from palm trees to cacti to romantic blossoms. Guaranteed maintenance-free!

    Botanic Poster

    In the botany category you will find a large selection of Posters and placards with botanical motifs. Decorate your home with beautiful green leaves, plants and flowers, bring a wonderful atmosphere to your home. Posters with plants can be perfectly combined with real potted plants and flowers in living rooms. You don't need to have a green thumb to create a jungle at home - you can also create a lush garden with the help of our botanical art prints.

    Popular posters in this category include monstera leaves, palm leaves and dandelion flowers. The posters are offset printed on uncoated thick paper to give them a matte, exclusive finish. You can also take a look at our inspiration images. We show there combinations of posters and posters in different environments.Here at artlia you can find cheap posters and billboards online.

    Posters with flowers, cactus, orchids and other plants

    The botanical possibilities are endless - create a romantic gallery wall with posters of roses, peonies and other flowers. Are you more of a Scandinavian home design type with stylish illustrations of plants in black and white? Or do you prefer trendy cactus posters or palm leaves with bold colors for a tropical touch? We have something for every taste!

    Get inspired by botanical motifs with a kitchen theme, for example posters with herbs and vegetables in the kitchen. Vintage style botanical posters fit perfectly with a romantic country style. Photo posters of plants can be cleverly combined with real plants to create contrasts. You'll also find modern graphic prints featuring plants as motifs, as well as beautiful illustrations featuring all of our favorite nature motifs.

    Urban jungle at home with plants posters

    Colourful, exotic motifs are all the rage right now, and that's no wonder. Rich green, intensive pink and bright yellow play the first fiddle here and bring some exoticism and fresh energy into the interior. Coconuts, pineapples, huge palm leaves and colorful parrots as framed poster plants make up the exotic character of the interior and breathe a pinch of paradise into the four walls. To conjure up a jungle on the wall, choose some poster palm trees in dark green and complete the composition with stylish and colorful poster flowers. The pictures are hung with elegant black frames or magnetic wooden strips. Botanik-Poster also look great on a sideboard surrounded by accessories with botanical motifs. Try playing with different sizes and variations like passe-partouts to add more pizzazz to the decoration. You can round off the urban jungle style with the right furnishings: you'll hit the bull's eye with wooden furniture and rattan armchairs. Get inspired by our collection of botanical posters!

    Poster flowers, a beautiful garden on the wall

    Many cities lack green spaces. Surrounded by gray blocks of flats and busy streets, we face the problem of air pollution on a daily basis. The Urban Jungle style is not only associated with exotic motifs, but can simply help us bring more green into our interiors and create a harmonious mood. Even if you prefer exotic patterns to traditional floral motifs. Botanik-Poster are very easy to combine with real plants. Dandelion, poppy, pink, sunflower... With a Gallery Wall you can conjure up a meadow or a beautiful garden on your wall that shimmers in all colors. In our collection of botanical motifs you will find posters of flowers in many colors: from pastel tones to black and white in different styles. The posters from the botanical collection harmonize perfectly with decorations in white, green and pink and skilfully underline the boho style of your interior. Black and white floral posters, on the other hand, are perfect for the Scandinavian look. Pick your favorite pattern and decorate your walls with flowers!

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