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artlia | Online Art Galeria

At artlia, we believe that our online art gallery will make valuable art from around the world more visible and accessible. We do not only support our artists in the online world, as we also help with offline exhibitions and art fairs. Ultimately, we aim to be an omni-channel art gallery, intersecting online and offline.



For art lovers

We feature artists and their artwork from around the world. These artworks are printed on wall posters, posters in frames and also home deco. This makes the artwork more accessible to those who want to enjoy the artwork in an affordable way. Of course, the printed artworks can be tried before buying the original artwork, which are also offered by artlia .


For passionate artists

artlia works with print and shipping partners, but artlia is not an online print shop or a seller of murals. artlia supports the passions and visions of artists around the world. They can display, test and share their artwork and dreams here at artlia .


"I once had the dream of being an artist, but I compromised with reality. I started my career as a marketeer and worked in sales and marketing for several years, especially in e-commerce. It's been a long road, but now I want to realise my dream as an artist and also help realise other artists' dreams."

- Hyoun Wook Song, founder of artlia


How does artlia support artists?

artlia shares the profits with the artists who want to exhibit and sell their artwork here in this shop. Anyone can apply to artlia with their artwork. Applications can be sent to the following email address: support@artlia.de


artlia thinks of our planet

The environment is important to us. That's why we put the shipping and manufacturing of our items, on demand, in the reliable hands of our production and logistics partners to minimise our environmental impact. Together with them, we also regularly ensure that our articles meet not only our own quality standards, but also the high German manufacturing and packaging standards. We will always strive to be honest with our planet.

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