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If you look closely at the paintings of artist Misun Kim, you will probably think that the colours and lines had such significance. But in fact, Mi-sun Kim's works are much more natural than the colours and textures of the objects, might appear at first glance. Artist Misun Kim has continuously worked to revive the faded colours based on traditional folk images rather than creative folk images that are popular in Korea today. Through this work, she reinterprets faded and blurred folk images so that we can see them from a completely different perspective.

By working without any tools but only breath control and concentration, she clears up our misunderstanding and prejudice that traditional painting is boring and monotonous. In the works that emerge through this process, we encounter a world of painting that goes beyond the traditional aesthetic view and is more in line with the modern sense. Likewise, her works are proof that the calm and flat aesthetic of the past is in no way inferior to the dynamic and varied aesthetic of the present. For her long agonies and efforts, Misun Kim, who still yearns for the traditional aesthetics we have forgotten, deserves all the recognition and support she can get.

Career highlights

  • The 8th, 9th and 10th Changyeon Minhwa exhibitions (2012, 2014, 2017)
  • Individual exhibition of the International Festival of Cultural Arts (KICAF) (2014)
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  • Participation in the Milan Art Festival 2017
  • Korea Folklore Promotion Association, Award for Excellence in National Folklore Competitions (2017)
  • 2018 solo exhibition THE DH ART
  • Participated in the Art Fair Leipzig 2017,Art3f Bruxelle 2017
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Artworks by Misun Kim



flowers-butterflies-and-frog-artwork-misunkim-artlia-blogflowers, butterflies and frog butterflies-on-grape-tree-artwork-misunkim-artlia-blogButterflies on Grape Tree


tiger-and-elster-misunkim-artwork-korean-volksgemaelde-artlia_240x240-minTiger and Magpie