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Die in Eden dargestellten Bilder sind ausgewählte Bilder von artlia-Kuratoren. Die Bilder in Eden sind Kunstdrucke auf Leinwand. Die Leinwand wurde speziell ausgewählt, weil die Lichtreflexion von Schutzglas der Bilderrahmen die Augen stören kann. Natürlich werden die gleichen Bilder auch auf Postern, Postern mit Rahmen und Passepartout angeboten.

Die Informationen zu den Originalbildern der einzelnen Kunstdrucke sind von jeder Website-Seite aus verlinkt.

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Misun Kim
korean peonies

This mural "Peonies" by the Korean artist Misun Kim shows an imaginative depiction of a vase with a variety of flowers and leaves, all painted in a typical Asian style. The first thing that catches our eye are the bright red peonies, which attract the viewer's gaze almost like a magnet.

Misun Kim
water lilies

This mural "Water Lilies" by the Korean artist Misun Kim shows a very classic Asian motif. The artist has taken on the theme of water lilies, which is often seen in local culture. We see six single roses growing steeply upwards, stretching the petals towards the sun.



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Crane family - canvas

This mural "crane family" shows a motif from nature. Normally one would place portraits of cranes primarily in Asia, but in our case we see a reinterpretation of this classic motif.

Misun Kim
Calligraphy Long Life

This painting is one of the long-lasting wishful thinking. 

Living a long and healthy life is man's most basic desire, which has been considered more important than wealth and fame. It is said that Qin Shi Huangdi, who attained great wealth and prosperity through the unification of China, sent people from all directions to find a magical plant that would not age when eaten to live forever.


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Misun Kim
Tiger and Magpie

This Tiger and Magpie mural by Korean artist Misun Kim is a classic Asian work of art that is extremely rare today. Although the mural was created in 2014, the style and motif allow it to merge with a bygone era of art.

Misun Kim
longing for knowledge

This "Longing for Knowledge" mural by Korean artist Misun Kim is printed on canvas and features a motif that is all too familiar to us in an unmistakably classical Asian style. The theme that Ms. Kim chose for her mural is represented by many small elements. First of all, our gaze falls on what is probably the most striking object in the work of art.

Misun Kim
Flowers, butterflies and frog

This painting printed on a poster is one of the Chochungdo (초충도, 草蟲圖). Chochungdo (Picture of Grass and Insects) is a Korean folk painting featuring a combination of grass, insects, amphibious lizards, etc., each with its own meaning.

Misun Kim
Butterflies on grape tree

This painting is a Korean folk painting with a combination of grass, insects, amphibious lizards, etc., each with its own meaning. This is a painting depicting nature, the meaning of which is the desire for literary spirit, wealth, longevity and fertility.

Gustav Klimt
The kiss

The Kiss, originally titled "The Lovers", is one of the most important works by Gustav Klimt and also of Art Nouveau painting. It is also considered to be the painter's best-known painting, as it was widely distributed through reproductions in many forms.

Gustav Klimt
Final II

Hope II (German: Die Hoffnung II) is a 1907-08 painting by Gustav Klimt showing a pregnant woman with her eyes closed. It is the second work by Klimt to feature a pregnant woman; both show Herma, one of his favorite models.

Alexandru Antoci
Fractal Abstract 02

This oil on water painting is by an Italian artist Alexandru Antoci. Oil and water painting involves mixing cooking oil with colored water to create a beautiful blotchy, slightly marbled effect.

Alexander Antoci
Fractal Abstract 03

This oil on water painting is by an Italian artist Alexandru Antoci. Oil and water painting involves mixing cooking oil with colored water to create a beautiful blotchy, slightly marbled effect.

Peter Paul Rubens
Garden of Eden

The Garden of Eden with the Fall of Man or The Earthly Paradise with the Fall of Adam and Eve (c. 1615) is a painting by Peter Paul Rubens (figures) and Jan Brueghel the Elder (flora and fauna). The painting depicts the moment just before eating the forbidden fruit and the fall of man.

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