Posters & Wall Art for Bedrooms


    Poster for the bedroom: A cozy eye-catcher

    Posters and murals create a special atmosphere in your bedroom. The bedroom is not just a place to sleep. The bedroom is where you end the day and where the day begins. The bedroom can bring you comfort at night and refreshment in the morning. Romantic landscapes, a sunset, a night sky with stars or modern nature posters will make your bedroom even cozier. In the artlia online art gallery you will also find various poster art prints for your bedroom. For a fresh start to the day, you can also choose our popular floral posters, which will brighten up your bedroom early in the morning.

    Find the right posters for your bedroom

    But before you browse our artlia art gallery and decide on a mural for your bedroom, you should ask yourself the following 6 questions:

    • What should your bedroom look like? Modern, natural or cozy?
    • How much space do you have on your walls?
    • Would you like one or two large posters or several small posters?
    • What color is your bedding? Are you looking for a poster with matching or contrasting colors?
    • What can you combine your night light with in the bedroom?
    • What are the colors of your furniture? Combine your bedroom mural with it

    Posters create a nice mood in the bedroom

    Everyone wants to feel completely comfortable in their own four walls. You come home from work after a hard day and enjoy the peace and quiet of home. Whether alone, with your partner or with the whole family, home is a real place of relaxation. The bedroom has a special function. Because in this room you can really relax. You can spend restful nights there or have a leisurely breakfast in bed. The bedroom is also the perfect place to read your favorite book.

    A stable and comfortable bed, a chic bedroom closet and the right bedside tables are essential. An equally important building block is the design of the walls. Choose a matching wall color and complete the look in the room with eye-catching bedroom murals. If you are looking for murals for the bedroom, you will find these decorations in different versions. There is just the right thing for everyone who is interested.

    The advantages of posters for the bedroom

    Murals and posters bring a new mood to the bedroom. They are easy to attach to the wall and therefore do not take up additional space. In addition, they are easy to change. This is how murals and posters easily lift the mood in the bedroom. It is very easy to use for everyone.

    At the same time, you can enjoy the high-quality design of the images. They are characterized by intense colors and convince with a stable construction. Therefore, you will enjoy the pictures for the wall for a long time. You can easily create new looks with them. It is not necessary to redecorate or even repaint the entire room. The new elements on the wall alone look great in many bedrooms. Another advantage, as we mentioned earlier, is that you can easily swap out the image at any time.

    Where is the best place to hang posters in the bedroom?

    If you are planning to buy new murals, you must be wondering where is the best place to hang the murals you have chosen. For example, the posters that are attached directly above the bed are particularly popular. This creates a harmonious interplay of furniture and picture that enriches the entire interior design. Large posters that are hung opposite the bed are also popular. This way you can look at the picture while lying in bed. The first thing you see in the morning is the beautiful motif, and you start the new day in a good mood.

    It's also a good idea to put the pictures near the door. The bedroom pictures in portrait format, for example, do very well because they stretch the wall. If you want to create a cozy seating area in the bedroom, you can visually complete the area with the right picture. Maybe there should even be a whole picture ensemble here? In this case, the bedroom pictures in a narrower format are a good choice. The combination of different sizes makes the room look very cozy and inviting.

    Posters for bedrooms with a feel-good atmosphere

    Poster not only create a feel-good atmosphere in the bedroom, but are also suitable for all living spaces. Our artlia poster art prints are printed on Multidesign Smooth, a high-quality white paper from Japan. This is a high quality paper with a matte finish and a basis weight of 189gsm. The special thing about it is that our paper does not yellow after a while. It is archive-proof and remains a high-quality eye-catcher in your living space. Poster with frame or Poster with passepartout can easily be ordered on the Poster Wall Art pages. Immediately after unpacking your bedroom mural, you're ready to decorate your room with your newly acquired artwork.