Wall murals for children - popular wall arts and wall posters by children


    Take a look at our cute posters and designs! Combine the pleasant with the useful and decorate the children's room with a mixture of graphic animal motifs and artistic alphabet prints. Our prints also make wonderful gifts for birthdays or baptisms!

    Pictures for the children's room

    Order cute children's posters for the children's room. Here you will find a large selection of posters for small and large children. Children's posters are the ideal gift for birth, baptism or birthday. We have children's posters and posters in sizes from 30x40 cm to 70x100 cm. Decorate the children's room with colorful graphics, cute animals or a beautiful text poster. Our most popular children's posters include the Batman poster, letter posters and children's world map posters. Children's posters are an easy way to freshen up and decorate the children's room. In our inspiration section you will find tips on how to combine our children's posters. Our posters are printed on uncoated thick paper. This gives them a matte, premium look that fits perfectly in a frame. Buy your posters for children's rooms online!

    Decorate with children's posters

    Posters for children are perfect for creating a cosy, individual children's room. Whether it's for a baby or older children, we have posters for children of all ages. Find posters that suit your child and your home. How about a nice graphic with your child's initials, their zodiac sign or a cute animal? You can also find children's posters with loving and humorous messages, or an educational children's poster with ABC or a world map. Your imagination is the limit! Tip! Children's posters are the perfect gift for baptism, birthday or birth.